Elastomeric Bearing Products we certified manufacturer, Laminated Bridge-Bearings , Neoprene Pads products, TSE and ISO 9001 certification and we realized we have production in Turkey, We have adequate laboratory equipment and technical personnel. Production plant and sales center, at your service. Derya-Rubber as a company manufacturing rubber and plastic materials, industrial products. TSE Certified Producer Company in Istanbul Turkey

Elastomeric Bearing Products Manufacturer, High Damping Neoprene, Natural Rubber

Application of elastomeric-bearing assembly

Elastomeric-Bearing Products From Neoprene Rubber

Neoprene Elastomeric-Bearing products are generally oil and ozone resistance is to be produced for the regions most prominent structures and Polychloroprene Rubber (Neoprene) are used.

Elastomeric Bearing Products From Natural Rubber

Natural-Elastomeric Bearing Products (Natural Rubber, polyisoprene) products, the mechanical and physical properties of high seismic activity which highlights the more efficient will be produced for the cold regions.

Elastomeric-Bridge-Bearing Applications

Elastomeric-Bridge Bearing Applications Bridges and viaducts on the feet, are used in stadiums or building foundations. Vibration damping can also be used for other applications.

Laminated Rubber Bridge Bearings

High Damping Rubber Bearings

Our company is the production of High damping rubber-bearings (HDRB) are used in bridges and structures. The principle is different from mass spring system with single degree of freedom of EBP and they can achieve transverse and vertical damping effect on the basis of two-wad, especially applicable to the basic vibration reducing system. Elastomeric Bearing Products For the regions which have special requirements on the environment. Such as residential areas, high-tech industrial parks, nature reserves and etc, the rubber-bearings can be widely used.

They are of environment-friendly products, made in Turkey now. At present they are mainly used in construction sector projects.

Description of High Damping Rubber-Bearings made in Turkey

Natural rubber and neoprene rubber produced from materials, High Damping Rubber Bearings (HDRB) are large laminated-Elastomeric Bearing Pad Products which are ideal for seismic isolation with one device supporting the structure, for base isolation, providing elastic restoring force and required amount of damping up to a maximum of 10-15% of critical. Moderate damping is achieved with this type of rubber bridge bearing products.